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use my nous | mahi ki ahau

I really, really love problem-solving.  In my experience, the best way to do this is to combine your situational knowledge with my top-notch research, analysis, writing and consultation skills to help you find a solution that best fits your needs.  Then I'll help you implement it.


permissive yet defensible guidance

Great policy permits flexibility while providing clear guidance to staff applying the policy, and the parties affected by the policy.  It's a fine line.

I have more than 15 years' experience in policy work, including reviewing and improving existing policy, and developing and implementing new policy from scratch.  

professional regulation

creative solutions to complex problems

I am a genuine expert in good regulatory practice, with particular expertise in the regulation of health professionals.  

I excel at thinking outside the box to find solutions to even the most complex regulatory issues, while ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

Grappling with a complex regulatory or policy issue?

Contact me to chat about how I can help.

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People who have worked with me say...

Services : Testimonials

Rachael brings great people skills and meticulous attention to detail.  She writes brilliantly and is a delight to work with.

Dr Alison Reid, Project Team Leader,

Kingdom of Bahrain 2011 - 2013

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